Productive stress?

This week has been a stressful, yet oddly productive week. Work is busier than it's been in a while, and I've probably committed to too many things, but I'm enjoying the challenge.

Since coming back from the Vue.js Amsterdam conference, I've regained my passion for development, and am very much enjoying being more engaged in the community. Being surrounded by over 1000 awesome developers, and seeing how much they care about their work inspired me to get better at my craft.

When I returned, I immediately built a Nuxt app called Stoic Quotes. I enjoy stoicism and thought it would be cool to have an app where I can cycle through some quotes.

I have also taken on the challenge of organizing a Vue.js meetup in Glasgow. This is something that is a bit outside of my comfort zone, but I've surprisingly been enjoying it! I created a logo, and a twitter account, and even bought a domain name for it. The feedback has been great and I've already got one speaker lined up.

Book I'm currently reading: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Currently listening to: Resist (album) by Within Temptation